Share Your Life Skills


Do you like to have visitors?
Do you like to entertain?
Do you have any skills, sports, hobbies, or ‘anything’ that you would like to share with another and get paid for doing so?  No qualifications are required.

Unlock Potential can help you………..

Set your availability calendar and welcome guests whenever it suits you.

 Choose those who best suit you, according to their age, (18 to 25 is most popular)

You decide on the length of stay and the degree of autonomy expected.

Set your own price. When you register show what the price includes and what options
 do you offer (excursions, sports courses, language courses, school trips, etc.)  

Stays of a few days or several months, it's up to you!

Please fill in our contact form. Tell us more and we will contact you by return and give you full details