Our Mission

The benefit of connecting consciousness with a trained horse is a life-changing experience that has a profound and positive effect on the mood, self-confidence, enthusiasm and improved health and outlook of the person 'connecting'. The aim of "Unlock Potential Foundation" is to raise funds by obtaining donations to pay for the stay of particular teenagers, and others who also may benefit, to spend a week at Team Horse which offers six days in a family setting to learn French and English, music, photography and art, as well as an 'Equine Experience'. Qualified, skilled and experienced professionals provide the lessons and the Equine Experience. Shortly after arrival, the teenager chooses the horse or pony they bond with or feel most comfortable with. The horse or pony accompanies the teen outdoors, throughout their stay, under the expert supervision and instruction of Linda Uttley. By day six, the teenager and their equine are well and truly bonded. They seem to know what each other is thinking and act accordingly. Results have shown that this experience gives the person acknowledgement and confirmation of their worth, and the realisation that they have the ability to do anything they wish within themselves. This feeling continues to develop and strengthen their character in the future, as evidenced by better grades and achievements.


The horses and ponies also benefit, they have a job to do, and a meaningful and rewarding life. They are 'rescue' equine and have been trained to react accordingly with people, they have fun, a comfortable life, no worries, no danger and enjoy days filled with loving care.

Many young people do not have the financial means to afford this important experience, this is why Unlock Potential has been created.  We want to assist as many young people as possible, to help them recognise and release their true potential. It would be wonderful if this system was to duplicate all over the world. There is no reason why not.


If one only requires the 'Equine Experience', without language tutoring etc. this is also possible.  Please contact us for further details.

Supporters are invited to join the charity if they wish to help raise funds.



Pamela B Cherry - President & Author


How I would liked to be remembered

Able to suffuse others with enthusiasm, optimism and self worth.

Characteristics that are important
Compassion , Integrity, Empathy, Curiosity, Humour and Justice.

Robert A Cherry - Treasurer


How I would like to be remembered

A person who uses his exceptional vision and innovational talents to deal with any project or obstacle that is presented to him.


Nature is not in a hurry, yet everything is accomplished


Jacob Sutton - Secretary, World Photographer & Author 

 A person who captured life and shared  its experiences.
Important Characteristic
To pass on what one has learnt 
Published books for the British Museum 
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