"What Linda does at Team Horse is remarkable. She instinctively knew that I needed her, and she has awakened awareness in me. She has set me on an incredible path to healing and I am forever grateful to her, and her horses for the lessons and wisdom they have imparted to me.

Before visiting Team Horse I was consumed by anxiety, lacked confidence, feared conflict, lacked boundaries and endeavoured to please people to my own detriment. I was prescribed medication to numb those feelings, but I didn’t want that to be my only solution. Linda and the therapy horses together reflected back who I was and helped me learn what I needed to change. One of the biggest realisations was with Hetcho; he helped me to rid myself of guilt; a guilt I now understand was never mine to have.

Another special horse is Ruby. She has helped me build independence, confidence, self-esteem and the ability to set and stick to boundaries. 

There is of course a road ahead for me, but I feel well equipped to tackle whatever life has to throw at me and it feels life altering. 

The way I react, feel and think about things is so different now and I am filled with gratitude to Linda, Peter and their horses for opening their beautiful home to me and giving me the opportunity to experience life the way they do it. 

A peaceful, friendly and fun place to be. I would recommend it to anyone.

Like Linda rescued her horses, she also rescued me."