Unlock Potential is not supported by any Government Programme, therefore, we rely solely on donations.  Please note, that in France the Government credits an individual Donor 66% and a Company Donor 60% in tax relief to those liable to pay tax.  This greatly reduces the 'out of pocket' expense of the Donors and obviously greatly benefits the recipient. Donors will be issued a receipt to claim their tax rebate. 


The cost for seven days packed with experiences that the teenager may never have had before, including accommodation and meals in a family atmosphere, is €1500 ($1500 - £1500). Team Horse caters to teenagers between 13 and 18 years of age. They will be met from their chosen means of travel and taken to the home of Linda and Peter Uttley. During the following week, each teen will become immersed in morning classes of learning English, afternoons are filled with the Equine Experience, with a choice of Music/singing, Photography or Art later in the day. On the day of arrival, familiarisation will include a 'walk around' to meet the other residents at Team Horse, the family includes 4 cats, 2 dogs and the equine of 4 horses and 3 ponies. The teenagers are invited to bond with the animals, especially to discover which horse or pony they feel most comfortable with. The Equine Experience involves the teen spending time each day with his or her chosen horse or pony. This does not include any riding whatsoever.  It is not necessary for the teenager to have any previous experience or knowledge of equine, the horses and ponies at Team Horse are specially trained to interact with their human partner. Check out the video where you will see that on the first day, both the teen and the horse are quite shy of each other, but, by the last day, they happily play together. This 'bonding’ has a positive and life-changing effect on everyone who experiences it. It seems to unlock from within the person experiencing it, their true potential and to show them that they are capable of doing much more than they previously realised.

At the end of each week, we will have a 'Thank You' video from each participant, this may feature on our website and may be sent to a Sponsor if requested.

We are delighted to receive donations of any amount. However, if a donor wishes to give the full amount we invite that person, if they so wish, to recommend a teenager of their choice to enjoy the week at Team Horse and the life-changing Equine Experience. This can be a relative or friend who they think will benefit.  Otherwise, we have a waiting list of teenagers eager to visit.

Linda and Peter endeavour to keep the fee as low as possible but one can immediately appreciate that in charging only €1,500 there is nothing left over to cover upgrades or maintenance.  We, at Unlock Potential, have a programme of expansion to enable Team Horse to help more teenagers than is currently possible:-
Additional accommodation for four people.
A covered arena for the Equine Experience to take place in all weather and seasons.
Maintenance and renewal of arena fencing and ground cover
Adding and training more equine.
Adding more Teachers/Trainers and Experiences
Donations or help for these areas will be gratefully accepted

Horses and ponies at Team Horse now and will be in the future are 'rescue' or 'saved'.
Any current assistance is being given voluntarily.


Individuals, Companies or Associations who donate to Unlock Potential will be listed on our website (unless specifically requesting otherwise)



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